• When I was fifteen years old, I worked on a sod farm located close to where the Payson Utah Temple now stands. To cut the sod, we used a harvester that weighed about fourteen tons. One day I was assigned to work with my high school classmate on the back of the harvester. We were moving the harvester from one end of the field to another. I was walking alongside the slow-moving harvester, and I a
  • You have been blessed, brothers and sisters, to frequently receive counsel and instruction from others of my Brethren. I am aware that I must have the power of the Spirit with me if I am to teach you anything worthwhile. You will also need the power of the Spirit with you. I pray that this may be the case with each of us tonight. I marvel that through the miracle of technology I not only speak
  • This is an overwhelming sight. And I would like you to know, my dear brothers and sisters, President Holland, President Vernon, President Gardner, and all of you, how much I have enjoyed the music and how pleased and honored I am to participate in this 14-stake fireside tonight, because I want to tell you what an exciting and challenging time it is in the history of Relief Society. It is a time of
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